5 Steps for Effective Feedback

1) Always be sincere and frequent with your feedback

• Laura, I know this isn’t easy, but you can speed this process up by doing the following things first. Let me show you how.

• Jenny, I was just noticing that you were able to overcome all of the obstacles we discussed earlier this week. You’re ready to go on to the next step.

2) Make Feedback Fast and Action-Packed

• Nicci, I thought you’d appreciate knowing that you can actually skip this one step and still have the same outcome. I’ve learned it’s a real time saver.

• Carmen, you need to review all of the processes required before moving to the next stage of the project. I understand you are eager, but, believe me; your patience will pay off.

3) Let Your Feedback Be Helpful

• Donna, you have a natural talent for this, but you need to master the technical aspects of the job first. Let’s get you started.

• Let’s meet as soon as possible, Joyce, so that we can take a proactive approach to this particular performance problem.

4) Be Empathetic

• Kim, please know I do not intend for this to be personal, but you have to understand the company’s guidelines and customer concerns before you can go any further.

• Jane, I understand why this might be difficult for you. There are options we can discuss in the morning.

5) Use Phrases For Starters

• Tell me how you would like to receive helpful and constructive feedback from me.

• Describe the best way that I can give you feedback as we move along this project, such as e-mail, phone, face-to-face time, or meetings.

• I can tell you are extremely busy. How do you recommend I get feedback to you in a timely manner?