Let's Get In Formation

Yesterday, like many others I watched the Super Bowl and over indulged in a lot of junk food. Some of us watched because our favorite team was playing, some watched because we wanted to be social, and others watched to see the Beyoncé concert. While watching the game, I thought a lot about team work!

Teams are better than a single player. Teams can be hard to beat, but individual players get hurt, get ejected out of the game, or just have an off night. I believe the most well rounded people build their teams down to each person. Most of us probably don’t know many of the player’s names outside of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. Having a good quarterback is extremely important, but the Broncos played and won as a team. When you’re part of a team, you want to put your teammates in a position to succeed and you never want to let them down.

Who is on your team? Some of your teammates might include: family members, a spouse or partner, children, colleagues, and friends. What if you started your day with the initial goal in mind—I want to enable each person on my team to succeed. How would that change the “plays” you make if that was your goal? How would that impact their role to enable your success? Can you point to the people on your team and say they are supported enough by you and the rest of the team to perform at their best?

This way of thinking can be applied in your home, in the office, and in your career development. I think team development can be easily overlooked! Let’s keep it real, no one is getting paid enough to get any less than that kind of support from you. Let’s do our best to build the best teams and be an award winning team member. If we play well together, we win together! Pass this memo along to one of your team members!