Be The Captain of Your Career!

I don’t know about you, but this political season has been pretty exhausting. Regardless of your political stance, I think it’s safe to say, we’re all ready for this to be over and a leader to be chosen. Some things are completely out of our control! But one thing you have complete control over is charting YOUR life course. We must fear less and put both hands on the wheel and STEER. This week I received a phone call from a close friend sharing that she finally obtained her driver’s license. I was so proud of her! I remember her trying to learn in college. You might be secretly judging and wonder why it took so long. I pose a question to you; how long will you let your dreams just be dreams? When will you take the captain position and chart your career course? It is easy for us to give great advice to others, but for whatever reasons we let fear of what people might say or failure stop us from being the curators of our own career and lives.

There are at least three ways that you can take control of your path in the midst of uncertainty, doubt, and fear:

1) Girl, Get Your Confidence Back!

Sometimes we lack the self-esteem to seize the opportunities looking us dead in the face and let the rest go. When we are afraid or uncertain, we often try to find comfort in the form of day to day commitments. We treat each opportunity like it will solve all our problems. Soon we take on so many and create more crises for ourselves. But having balanced priorities and a career plan gives us internal confidence to commit to the opportunities that will take us on the right path.

2) Find Your Clarity!

If you don’t have a plan, then you’re constantly living in a foggy state of mind. Prioritizing helps us find our clarity. It then becomes easier to figure out how family, health, finances, and politics integrate. Most of us can’t figure out a balance with the things that are important to us, because we don’t have a plan. Our priorities become foggy because each of these demands are competing with little direction on what should come first. A clear plan allows you to see clearer!

3) Never Look Back!

If you have no plan for your future, you will get sucked back into your past. And life becomes a long list of regrets. Then you start singing the song, “I shoulda took that job overseas when I had the chance, I woulda had a child if I had a better paying job” and the list goes on and on. But if you make a meaningful and thoughtful plan for your career/life, you start to see your journey as one of significance.

You are a strong woman and made to be fearless. Don’t let fear rob another day of your confidence and clarity! You can’t control everything that happens in your life, but you can take accountability for the plan you put in place for your success!