Make a Note to Do Great Things!

By: Lauren Broussard, Co-Founder, The Memo

- Create a theme for your year.

Every January, a few friends and I decide on a theme for the year, typically pulled from some popular phrase we all know. We take the theme and use it to set our actions and intentions for the year.

It started a few years ago when my friend, Dave, suggested “Treat Yo’Self Like Company,” in a nod to the show Parks and Rec. That year, we vowed to do nice things for ourselves. Other themes have included “You Do You,” a call to live our most authentic lives, and “Turn It Up,” to remind us to take our lives and goals to the next level. [The year we chose Nike’s “Just Do It,” I used it as an excuse to take trapeze lessons, fly to China and Japan, quit my job of 10 years, and move to a new state. We do not take these themes lightly.]

Although we’re in June, it’s not too late to create a theme for the rest of this year. How would you like to focus the next six months?

- Or, create a focus for your week.

Annual themes worked well for me, so I began making themes for the week. On Sunday nights, no matter how the week before has turned out, I pull out my notebook and start writing. I write down everything I accomplished that week, both personally and professionally. I write what I’m struggling with, and what I learned from the previous week. Then, I write a word (“Success!”), a phrase (“Be the Change”), or a quote at the top of a new page. This becomes my focus for the week. It speaks to how I will set my goals and to-dos, and how I will show up in the world.

If I felt my confidence dip the week before, I might find a quote to give it a boost.

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” – Helen Hayes

If I have a challenging week ahead, I might write something down about motivation.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

“Nothing is wasted.” – Brené Brown

Then I’ll refer back to my quote or phrase daily until the end of the week.

Mary Jane Paul, the title character in BET’s Being Mary Jane, starts each day with a quote she’s written on a sticky note and pulls at random. It creates a focus for her character, and a focus for the episode. (Also, can someone tell me when the next season of that show starts? I’ve been waiting forever on Season 4!)

- Then, Just Do It.

This week, I encourage you to try it. Maybe it’s a phrase you write down, a quote on a sticky note a la Mary Jane Paul, something on Pinterest, or a fun meme. Find something that will serve as your theme and anchor for the week or the rest of the year. Remind yourself of what you need to focus on most. Put it in a place that you’ll see daily, and then get to the business of shaping your days around that thought!

Here’s to another great week, ladies!

P.S. My thought this week is: “Show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there.” – Marie Forleo. What’s yours?