ICYMI: After 6 Networking Mixer with Tanya Menendez of Maker's Row

Images from After 6: Career Conversations with Tanya Menendez

Images from After 6: Career Conversations with Tanya Menendez

By Grace Peters, Editorial Analyst, The Memo

On Thursday night, Tanya Menendez joined The Memo in New York City at a beautiful Breather space, for an intimate After 6: Career Conversations mixer. In attendance were women from a range of industries -- including tech, fashion, and higher education -- who came to network and hear Tanya’s story. Tanya offered insight and career advice on entrepreneurship and the work it takes to achieve your dreams.

Tanya is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Maker’s Row, a manufacturing tech-startup that specializes in American made products, working with over 100,000 companies. Maker’s Row serves as the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to produce American-made goods, and acts as the liaison between factories, clients, and brands.

Originally from Northern California, Tanya received her degree in sociology from the University of California, San Diego. She has worked at companies such as Google and Goldman Sachs, but ultimately felt that her “aggressive” dreams were not fulfilled. Tanya decided that she and her colleague, Matthew Burnett, would start their own domestic sourcing platform, so Maker’s Row was born.

Tanya likes being her own boss because she doesn’t have a ceiling on her income or her growth within her position. At the career conversations mixer, Tanya opened up about how starting one’s own business is extremely challenging, but also rewarding. She told the guests, “Entrepreneurship is hard. Don’t give up too easily. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… You just have to keep going!” She also offered some key advice for anyone who plans to start their own business.

“Invest in yourself,” she told the guests. She doesn’t like to set limits on herself and swears by long-term plans. Tanya believes that planning for the long-run is an excellent motivator. "It feels really good to write something down that you thought was impossible then see it happen,” she explained.

Tanya has been featured in Forbes “30 Under 30,” Business Insider’s “Silicon Alley 100,” and The New York Times. You can visit Tanya’s website to learn more about her achievements as a marketer, producer, venture capitalist, and creator.

To learn more about Maker’s Row, visit their website at: www.makersrow.com