Photo by  Eye for Ebony  on  Unsplash

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

by: Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

As many of you might have read, #WOCAffirmations went VIRAL on Twitter last week. The hashtag was created by April Reign, who also launched the popular #OscarsSoWhite a few years ago. (P.S. She is the guest for our online After6 event this Thursday!)

Thousands of women of color showed up and showed out on Twitter, affirming not only themselves, but other phenomenal women of color, too! It was like Christmas in October to see so many women of color amplifying their voice and the voices of others. At some point in my day, I even used the hashtag!

It made me think... Why don’t we do this more often? We don’t need a reason to lift up others or ourselves.

One habit I started is that whenever I go to the bookstore, I try to buy a book written by a woman of color, in addition to whatever other books I was planning to purchase. If we have the opportunity to amplify different voices, then, in reality, we are increasing our voice too! We are in this together when it comes to equality and our seat at the table.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate, send an affirmation (call/text/tweet/email/etc.) to a woman that you adore and let her know that she rocks!

If you’re looking for some women of color to support and affirm, here are some books/brands I’ve recently discovered:

Grace by Natashia Deon

Sanaia Applesauce


Remember you are awesome! Happy Monday!

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