Who Is In Your Circle?

Image: @wocintechchat

Image: @wocintechchat

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn, relating to the law of averages, suggested that who we spend the most time with matters. This quote has been repeated by many others over the years, including speakers like Tony Robbins.

Similarly, those of us who had a Myspace account in its heyday remember the Top 8. This meant rank ordering your friend list on Myspace. Getting into someone's Top 8, or putting someone in your Top 8 was a big deal. The list was ever evolving and sometimes changed based on our moods.

While our lives and our work relationships are not a Myspace Top 8, the people we count as our closest friends and colleagues are important for our development. While we may still remain ourseves at our core, social influences can cause us to carry over traits from those we spend a lot of time with. We pick up habits, both good and bad.

For many, our inner circles are comprised of our families, sisters, close friends, or trusted colleages and advisors. Many of the those people in our lives build us up and encourage us to be our best selves, while others, for many reasons, may drag us down.

What kinds of people do you keep in your inner circle? Who do you spend most of your time with? This is not to say start kicking people out of the circle, but rather to be very intentional about who you are letting hold space with you.

When you are thinking about your career and personal circles, who possesses the traits that you most want to emulate? What are your friends ambitions? What are yours?

As you are working to break those glass ceilings in your own career, consider the impact of others on your success, and the impact you are having on those around you.

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