ICYMI: Work-Life Balance, with Kateri Broussard

By: The Memo Staff

This past Friday, we discussed "work-life balance" as part of our monthly #memocareerchats on Twitter. This month, we were joined by Kateri Broussard, Respiratory Speciality Representative at Astrazenica. She is also the District Director of College Chapters for Kappa Alpha Theta, a wife, a mentor, and a mother of two young boys. We discussed a number of topics, including work-life balance, self-care, coming back from maternity leave, and having the right support system. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork.

In case you missed it, here are some of our favorite gems from Kateri and others:

On Self-Care:

On The Hustle:

On Having A Village:

On Returning Back To Work:

On Championing Yourself And Others:

And Finally:

Check out the whole thread here, and don't forget to join us next month as we discuss Career Transitioning.

Here's to another great week, ladies!