How Will You Slay This Week?

What will you set out to accomplish this week? 

What will you set out to accomplish this week? 

by: The Memo Staff

We all know that both goal setting and vision boarding are important and helpful. So why is it that so many of us either don't take the time to set our goals, or that we struggle accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves?

As a team, we've recently started setting and sharing goals together every Monday morning. While we're all big to do list people in our office, and we set goals individually, the group exercise has been very helpful to the team dynamic.

Every week at 9:00am, we share our goals with the whole team - these could be individual goals, team goals, projects we need to accomplish, new ideas we have, or even personal outside of the office goals and milestones we're trying to reach. We write these goals down as a group, and at the end of the week come together to celebrate our wins, or encourage each other to finish up those last minute things.

Here are three things that have been helpful in crafting our team goals/visions:

1. Setting aside deliberate time for goal setting. In an office, everyone has a role, and we are often so busy fulfilling our own roles and responsibilities, that we forget what everyone else is doing. Setting aside a specific time on Monday morning allows us to come together, get on the same page, and support each other. It also helps to make sure we are actually setting our goals, rather than just floating directionless through the week.

2. Understanding the "WHY" of our goals. Without a compelling "why," we're simply going through the motions of "getting things done." As an example: "I will reach out to 5 new people in my field, in order to expand my knowledge and expertise, thereby getting me closer to my goal of management in this field" or "I will update the sales report to better understand the clients and the community I am serving."

When keeping to the "To Do List" gets hard, going back to the "Why" helps.

3. Having accountability for our goals. Our Monday intention setting meetings help by not only putting out into the universe what it is we're trying to achieve, but also having a group of people that will hold us accountable to those things. Sometimes we get more accomplished when we are trying to help others accomplish their goals.

If your coworkers aren't the people for it, find a group of girlfriends who can be your accountability partners. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Now that we are halfway through the year, think about what you'd like to accomplish over the next week, month, or next six months.

What are your goals for the week? Who will hold you accountable to crushing these goals?

Send us an e-mail or reply in the comments with your goals for the week.

We'll compile some of the goals you've shared so we can celebrate your wins at the end of the week!

Go forth and slay!