The Buddy System

Photo taken on my recent trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Photo taken on my recent trip to Tokyo, Japan.

by: Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

This summer, I traveled to Tokyo. When I was on my way to a cafe for breakfast, I saw these two kids (pictured above) killin it on their buddy game! It immediately made me think about "My Buddy and Me" (ha ha), and then it inspired me to share this story with you.

I remember in my early elementary days our teacher introduced “the buddy system.” You had a buddy to hang out with at recess or hold hands with on upcoming field trips. Essentially, you had someone who was supposed to have your back. In life, relationships, and sometimes at work, you may feel like you could use a buddy like that. Someone you can talk to when things are at their best or someone who has your back when you feel like sliding down the wall.

I grew up in church, so it’s hard for me not to equate everything with one of the many bible verses I learned over the years: “A friend sticks closer than a brother.” There were times in my career I began to question if some of my colleagues were truly “my buddy,” because sometimes their behavior was anything but "buddy-like." What I’ve come to realize, though, is that I can only manage what kind of buddy I am to those in my network. In the workplace, try and be the buddy to someone that you hope someone will be to you; and know that you can’t succeed alone. You need a buddy that will rock with you during the best and worst times.

As you go through the rest of this month, think about your network--do you need some new “buddies”? Also consider how you can be a better “buddy” to the people you’re holding hands with.

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