Are You Ready or Reactive?


“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready” -Will Smith

by: Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

Almost a year ago, a woman posed a question to my business partner and me. Essentially, she said: "If I could give your business 75,000 new clients today, would you be ready for them? Could you scale that quickly?" The question left us looking like deer in headlights. Being the person that I am, I said yes, of course we could accommodate that number if that happened tomorrow. As with any business owner, ready or not, you try and accommodate.

It's just like in your career -- what would you do if your career went from zero to 100--real quick? You know...When your boss sends you an email saying, they need you take over this huge meeting tomorrow, because they can’t make it. Or your colleague can no longer go on the senior staff trip to Europe, and suggests that you go in her place. Would you be ready or reactive? There is a major difference between the two.

If your colleague suggests you take their place in Europe at the end of the week, and you don’t even have a passport--well, looks like you weren’t ready, and Sally will gladly take your place. It is sad because you’ve been planning on getting one for the past year. This trip would advance your career, but you weren’t ready.

Or your boss wants you to take over an upcoming client meeting, and you’re uncomfortable speaking in public. You could probably fumble through the presentation, but you wouldn’t be at your best. Think, had you enrolled in that public speaking course you saw advertised last month, perhaps you would shine bright like a diamond. Again, there is a difference between being READY or REACTIVE.

Being ready is having your passport and a suitcase ready and waiting! Being reactive is getting in front of the audience and barely getting your words out. Never give anyone a reason to take you out of the game because you’re not ready.

When it’s time to shoot your shot, you have to be ready for it. Most importantly, being prepared makes you less anxious. Here are three ways to help you get ready while waiting to shoot your shot:

1) What professional development do you need to hone in on?

Sometimes it’s hard for us to take a hard look at the areas we know we need a little extra help in. For example, I am working with two business coaches turned mentors to help me go from good to great. There is a lot I don’t know about running a business. From marketing to acquisition, there is a lot of learning as you go! I don’t want to be reactive when things take place in my business -- I want to be READY as the business grows and accommodate seven more women or 75,000 more women. In order to be ready for the 75K, we have to work hard with the seven. Take the time to access where you are and if you need to take a course or buy a new book to help you stay sharp!

2) Be Assertive!

Don’t be one of those women who roll out of bed and see what happens. Be that woman that makes things happen! You know what your goals are better than anyone. Make a plan and execute. Give yourself permission to be your best!

3) No Fear!

Nina Simone said it best, “Freedom means No Fear!” If you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourself. Watch here!

Next steps: That’s up to you, are you going to be Ready or Reactive? Go Forth and Slay!