It's A Privilege


One of our core pillars at The Memo is generosity.

We live in a world where most people think, “I gotta get mine” and “It’s all about me.” And yes, the old proverb, “You came in this world alone, you will leave alone” is true.

However, there is a counter-argument for that mentality, and it's what I think we don’t focus enough on: “No [wo]man can be an island.” Meaning, if you get a raise, I win, too. If you get promoted, I win, too. If you get a seat at the table, I win, too! The way I look at “wins” boils down to two factors:

  1. If you win, that means we all win.

  2. If I win, that means you win too.

Another way to look at the word “generosity” is privilege. I think it’s a privilege that we get to help one another win. As we all work to #bossup, don’t forget to be generous and help out the next woman. The rapper Fabolous once wrote: “There’s enough to go around, you just gotta say how much you want.”

Let’s stop living in scarcity mode and be more generous with opportunities that benefit others. I challenge you this week to "HASO" (HELP A SISTA OUT). This can be someone you know or don’t know. In the end, it’s better to give than to receive.

Lastly, one of my favorite modern day poets is Cleo Wade. She released her Ted Talk, and talks a bit about generosity and the power of caring!


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