What Happened To 2018?

by: The Memo Staff

“Show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there.” – Marie Forleo.

As we're thinking about the upcoming new year, it's only natural for us to take inventory of our successes and lessons from this one. On Friday, we hosted our monthly #memocareerchats on Slack -- we took inventory of the year, celebrated our successes, inventoried our lessons, and also discussed good books we read!

If you missed it, head over to our Slack group and join the conversation!

One topic that came up was how to keep track of your accomplishments so that you are not scrambling at the end of the year to remember what you've done. Some ways to do that are through lists, post-it notes, Google Docs, Trello (our favorite), etc. If you've done a good job of keeping track of your accomplishments throughout the year, this will serve you well when it comes to annual review time.

It will also serve as motivation on a hard day when you remember all the badass things you've done and learned in a year!


Our Slack conversation reminded us of a post from a few years ago, Make a Note to Do Great Things, where we discuss goal setting, tracking accomplishments, and Being Mary Jane.

Here's an excerpt:

"Annual themes worked well for me, so I began making themes for the week. On Sunday nights, no matter how the week before has turned out, I pull out my notebook and start writing. I write down everything I accomplished that week, both personally and professionally. I write what I’m struggling with, and what I learned from the previous week. Then, I write a word (“Success!”), a phrase (“Be the Change”), or a quote at the top of a new page. This becomes my focus for the week. It speaks to how I will set my goals and to-dos, and how I will show up in the world."

If you'd like to read the entire post, click here: Make a Note to Do Great Things

Meanwhile, tell us in the comments what you've accomplished in 2018 and what you are looking to accomplish in 2019.

Have a great week!