A Reality Check

Photo by  Graeme Nicholl  on  Unsplash

by: Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

We are in the process of ending two important periods: Black History Month and the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year. What are some things that might help make your Q2 even better?

Cancel the debt. And, sis, I'm not talking about your credit cards and student loans. I am talking about any unforgiveness that might be holding you back. Has someone done you wrong since the start of the new year? Are you trying to figure out how to reconcile some relationships in the workplace? One thing I’ve learned (the hard way), is that forgiveness isn’t for them, it’s for us!

Often a simple “sorry” from the wrongdoer will make everything better, and other times we may never hear those words from the people we need to hear them from. One thing is certain, though: life is too precious to let anyone block your blessings.

Recently, I was upset about how I thought someone I was doing business with “did me wrong.” I started to let my anger fester up and I began to lose sight of the larger goal. I decided I had two ways of handling it:
1) Address them about it in private and forgive them. Or,
2) Leave it alone and forgive them.

Both endings required me to forgive, so I would no longer be bound to them.

Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” If someone at work or in your personal life has wronged you, it’s time to let go and allow yourself to be free. You don’t want that “thing” to fester up and make you lose sight of who you are and where you’re going! A healthy heart does the soul good!

Invest in Yourself. It’s important that we invest in ourselves. Our professional development should not be left in the hands of anyone else. That is your job.

People often ask me for career advice. The four nuggets I always give:

  1. Build your a network and cultivate your relationships.
  2. Build strong career alliances.
  3. Be a good problem solver. And,
  4. Don’t be afraid to speak up and advocate for yourself.

What’s in your professional toolkit?

And in honor of black history month, Amanda Seales recited a thought provoking and inspiring poem on #blackgirlmagic!

May we all continue to grow, blossom, and reconfigure the seats at the table--with integrity, resilience, balance, and generosity.