Update Your Resume and HASO

Image: #WOCinTech Chat

Image: #WOCinTech Chat

by: Lauren Broussard, Co-Founder, The Memo

This Friday at 1pm EST, we'll be on Slack hosting a resume peer review.

If you've worked at the same place for a while, it's easy to get caught up in the day to day of things. Before you know it, years pass and you're mentally ready to leave your company, until you remember that you have to wipe the cobwebs off your dusty old resume.

Many years ago, I found myself here. I'd been working at the same company for years, and although I was intentional about tracking my skills and accomplishments along the way, I hadn't actually touched my resume since I started. It helped that I had been a hiring manager, and as a result had seen hundreds of resumes come across my desk, so I understood the dos and don'ts, but also knew two things: 1) After years, my own resume needed an extreme makeover, and 2) I wasn't sure where to start. I had this long list of duties, skills, and accomplishments, but was struggling to put it all together.

Luckily, two of my good friends (who are resume wizards) graciously sat down with me to help me get my resume back into the present. They gave me feedback on what I already had, helped me find the right words to speak to my accomplishments, challenged me to think through what would be most relevant to employers, and helped me format my resume for maximum marketability. Since then, I've been able to pay it forward to others.

What about you? No matter where you are in your career -- when's the last time you refreshed your resume? With anything, sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes!

Join us this Friday on Slack for our resume peer review. Submit your resume, or come to pay it forward and share your insights.

To Bring: Your digital resume, bring your (virtual) red pens, bring questions and your insights, and bring a girlfriend!

If you're not in our Slack community, send us an email at connect@myweeklymemo.com and we'll add you!

Happy Monday!