This Is Us

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by: Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

Almost three years ago, I decided I needed something more out of life. I wanted to lend support to other women striving to obtain their career goals, and I felt like my experiences up to that point would be able to lend a diverse voice to the career development conversation.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t 100 percent sure how I would do this, or what it would look like. Despite that uncertainty, in early 2015 I started to write a business plan. One day during this time, I was riding on an Amtrak train from DC to NYC and listening to Drake. All of a sudden, the words came through my earbuds:

”Did ya’ll boys not get The Memo?” (Drake, Trophies)

Immediately, I knew that had to be my company’s name.

Clearly, the powers that be inside the workplace, hadn’t gotten the memo--we belong at the decision making table.

By July 2015, the first "memo" went live. I decided to start small and release a weekly career memo each Monday to start the conversation with a community.

While writing the business plan and launching the blog, I would constantly tell my good friend Lauren, “One day you will be my co-founder!” I was serious, and she thought I was just being cute. Several months later, she joined the ride. Together we plotted and planned.

In the summer of 2016, we launched our first Career Boot Camp. We started with in person boot camps Saturdays in Breather spaces around New York City. Shout out to the women that started with us back in 2016. From there we built out our speaker series After 6, and by December 2016 we launched our first Virtual Career Boot Campto give women of color across the country access to the information that our NYC women received in person.

Almost three years later we have trained thousands on topics ranging from how to negotiate salaries or transition careers, to which fork to use at a business lunch. We strongly believe that all women of color need the right tools in their toolkit to forge ahead in their careers.
It’s been a wonderful three years and in the coming months we will be rolling out some additional things. Thank you to every person that reads our Memo faithfully, who has believed in us on the journey, and who has invested in their careers by attending a Career Boot Camp or an event.

Running a business hasn’t been easy, but it’s been one of the most fulfilling opportunities that I’ve had thus far. When I look back, I would never have imagined we would end up being featured in publications like Black Enterprise and Fast Company. We started this journey to impact our communities and pave the way for future women of color in the workplace. Our goal has been to exist beyond ourselves.

If there is something that you have been wanting to build, go for it. Don’t allow your fears to overtake your curiosity.

As we always say: Career Choices Change Your Life, Make Good Ones!