Working Moms

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Last week, we hosted our monthly After 6: Career Conversations event online. We were joined by three amazing women and mothers - Thaisa Jones, Digital Director at Pennsylvania Insurance, Delores Brown, Cofounder, Agbara Life, Inc, and Nicole Tirado, CEO of Tearado Tech.

Things got all the way real. The panelists shared the ups, downs, and in betweens of being a mom of color in the workplace - there was laughter, tears, and as always so so many gems. The conversation touched on the "myth" of work-life balance, parenting, partnership, companies with great benefits for working parents, the choice to have children or not, and the one of a kind joy they each felt when becoming moms.

Check out the video below!


Watch: Virtual After 6: Motherhood and Careers.

Join us for a candid discussion on careers and motherhood. With: Thaisa Jones, Digital Director, Pennsylvania Insurance; Delores Brown, CoFounder, Agbara Life, Inc; Nicole Tirado, CEO, Tirado


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