Office Best Friends

Photo: WOCinTech Chat

Photo: WOCinTech Chat

In early July, we hosted our monthly Slack chat and talked about office best friends. It was a good conversation where we talked about the highs and lows of having friends in the office. (If you aren't in our private Slack group, send us an email and we'll add you so you can access that conversation and participate in the next one!)

As a follow up to our conversation in Slack, we asked others about their office best friends, both past and present.

Here are a few quotes we received about the impact of their work friends on their careers. (Some of them are from the men in our community and in our lives, who shared about their female office BFFs!)

"My work-husband has kept me sane. Those moments when I am frustrated or I want to celebrate a quick win over coffee--he is my go-to person and I serve as that for him. Having that person at work just eases the work-life pains. Get you one! "

"[My friend] and was the coolest because she had the biggest heart, she had a shoulder and ear always available to lean on or listen, and loved food and hot sauce as much as if not more than me. While she might not have had a super direct impact on my career, in that we always worked in separate groups, she was always a friendly face, and a bright spot to coming into the office."

"I didn't realize how important having strategic relationships would be at work. I thought I could just plug along alone. I quickly realized having a work-friend would go a long away both personally and professionally. You can't be an island at work."

"Michelle is the coolest because we're both newish to the company (~2 years) and we have the same mindset. We get along great and having comradery at work is really refreshing and makes coming to work more fun than it may be otherwise. Additionally, we both have a unique expertise and contacts within the company, so we find ourselves picking each other's brains and networking through each other to accomplish tasks quicker and more efficiently than we would otherwise."

"Office allies have been critical to my professional development and workplace mental health. My office best friends/spouses, regardless of gender, have always been people who have had my back, gave me honest feedback, and let me vent. And just like in any good relationship, it was a two-way street."

"I was a brand new supervisor, and my work bff helped me navigate what it meant to be a good leader. She had experience managing others at a previous job, and I didn't at the time. Her insight meant the world to me."

Let us know about the impact your office bff has made on you or your career. Tell us about it in the comments, or tweet us @myweeklymemo.

Today, tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them. Have a great week!