Going Into Fall Like What

We know many of you are like, “Hold up, wait a minute. I am still trying to get my last bit of summer out, don’t rush me.”

On, the other hand, we know you are ambitious women who like to plan ahead. For you, we've got four things you might want to start incorporating into your end of summer schedule to make the transition into fall a little easier.

1) One question we get asked a lot is "what are you reading?" Minda started reading an advanced copy of the book by NYU Stern School Professor Dolly Chugh, called The Person You Mean To Be. It’s about how good people fight bias. You can pre-order the book now. Let’s not forget to help other women secure their seat!

2) We love seeing women of color in newly created positions of power, and Audie Cornish is no stranger to many audiences that listen to her on NPR. Did you know she is also the host of a new show by BuzzFeed News called The Profile? She has a few episodes that we think you will enjoy! Check her out here.

3) Many people are starting classes this fall, or have kids starting in the fall. School supply shopping is one of our favorite things! Consider getting a new planner to get a handle on reorganizing your life and to do lists. One of our staff members loves this planner -- it includes spaces for goal setting, and activities to try every week to focus more on gratitude and relationship building.

4) If you (or your kids) aren't the one headed back to school, consider donating school supplies to a local school, church, or organization. There are plenty of organizations that will take school supplies for families that may not be able to afford them. Or consider sending a note to someone you know who is starting back at school. Let them know you're thinking of them during the transition and chaos!

If there’s something you think others should know about to make their transition into the next season smoother, share with us on slack or on any of our social media platforms.