What's the Good News?

by: The Memo Staff

Happy Monday! After last week, we could all use some good news.

At The Memo, we thought we'd provide just that! Here is some "good news" we found for women of color at work.

1) The Black Economic Alliance: Their mission is to help "build a different, better future for black Americans for generations to come" through economic policy and political advocacy. There are twenty-two non-partisan members of the first advisory board, with members from all walks of life and industries. And the cover photo features Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley! Learn more here.

2) Investing in Women of Color: Read more about the advantages of investing in women, and specifically in women of color. Fun fact: "Women-owned business (that receive venture funding) outperform their male peers by as much as 63%." Read more about that and about the New Voices Fund, a fund created to invest in women of color owned businesses.


3) Young Women of Color Who Code: We recently came across this article about a Georgia State University student who is working to get more women of color into STEM and coding. Look at this young woman! We see you!

4) Women on Boards in California: California just became the first state to require public companies to have at least one woman on their board, citing the lack of women currently serving on corporate boards. By 2021, some companies in California will be required to have up to three female directors. Read more about it here!


5) And finally, Beyonce: Beyonce never ceases to bring us joy.



6) If all else fails, here are some photos of cute puppies and kittens to help as you go into the week.

Let us know @myweeklymemo or in the comments below what your "good news" for the week is. What things are bringing you joy?