Make Yourself a Commitment

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

by: Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

This won’t be a Memo that tells you to pull a list together of all of your new resolutions or even create a vision board.

Do I think some of these frameworks help us manifest our desires? I absolutely do, but by now you should know that anything we want to manifest will take work on our part. For instance, I can’t put out a book without writing it first. I can’t lose weight without changing my diet and putting in the work.

The one question I will ask you is what behaviors will you enhance or eliminate as you move forward in your life this year?

You don’t have to covet or scroll through someone else's version of what you could have this year. You have the ability to make it real for yourself, but that will require action and resiliency.

When I started The Memo, I set up our core values to include: Balance, Generosity, Integrity, and Resilience. By setting up the company's core values, it's helped us distinguish what to say YES to and what to say NO to. They also help when we are making decisions on who to partner with at The Memo. Have you set up your core values?

I realized that I had lofty and audacious goals, and in order to achieve those, I couldn’t sit and let my life pass me by with the “what if’s” I owed it to myself and my legacy to give it all I’ve got while I am on this earth. A few years ago, I wrote a Memo called, Don’t Wait For Your Chicago To Come. A good friend of mine who has since passed away never got a chance to make her grand move to Chicago, yet, we spent over a decade talking about it.

I don’t want you to make empty promises to yourself. I want you to make a commitment to yourself--that you won’t leave anything for another year, and that you'll get what every last DROP of what 2019 has for you. Make the commitment that you won’t stroll through your social media feeds and think “Wow, they're lucky.” You know what? Your version will be better because what is for you, is FOR YOU! And the good news is, the key ingredient is free99: it takes your unique slice of genius and fortitude.

So no more empty promises. Refill your tank with commitments that serve you every day of this year.

We are rooting for you!