"Pay Me What You Owe Me"

Photo by  Sam Truong Dan  on  Unsplash

by: The Memo Staff

April 2nd is Equal Pay Day for Women. We know that all women do not make the same for some of the same jobs--but if we keep negotiating and asking, our hope is to get closer to dismantling the wage gap. Recently, Payscale.com released a report and the discrepancy in pay as it pertains to women of color was simultaneously heartbreaking yet not surprising. Check out their comprehensive report here.

The only thing we can control is our ability to ASK--and push to get paid what we deserve. What happens after that is often out of our control, but not asking and speaking up for ourselves shouldn’t be an option. Over the years we have discussed salary tips to help you prepare and feel confident about asking for more.

  1. Career Coach, Angelina Darrisaw taught us that “Negotiation is win-win”.
  1. Last year, CNBC talked to five women about tips to reach parity:"Five Black Women Talk Starting Salaries, Being Underpaid and How They Asked For More".

Never forget to put some respect on your own check. Include these tools in your career tool kit!

And for additional resources, check out our pre-recorded Salary Negotiation Career Boot Camps.