Donate, Delegate, and Get Organized!

Photo by  Jeff Sheldon  on  Unsplash

by: The Memo Staff

With school ending for many, and the summer fast approaching, many of us are starting the process of getting our Marie Kondo on and getting our homes and offices organized.

A few years ago, we spoke to professional organizer, Miranda Mims, about how to get more organized at work and at home. She reminded us that the better we are at getting and staying organized, the more time and attention we can give to the things that really matter to us -- like our purpose, our family, and our friends. "Life is to be enjoyed," she said.

In case you missed it then, we wanted to re-share her tips on getting organized, to give you a jump start on your summer cleaning and organizing.

  1. Folders, Rules, Unsubscribe: For many, e-mail can be a big stressor and drain on our overall productivity. Once we get closer to the coveted "Inbox Zero," more things come streaming in. Don't let your inbox get the best of you! Most email software allow you to create rules to send things from certain people, or with certain subjects, to a particular folder to deal with when you're ready. [Gmail also has an add on that allows you to pause your inbox for a specific amount of time.] Additionally, be sure to unsubscribe from publications or marketing emails you are no longer interested in. The time it takes to manually delete e-mails you won't ever read anyway adds up over time.

  2. Get Rid of Things You Are No Longer Using: We all have things we hold on to because we think we may magically need them some day. If it's in the back of your closet or in a drawer that you never open and you haven't used it over a year, you can likely let it go. If you decide you no longer need it, find a place to donate it where it will be put to better use.

  3. Delegate: None of us can do it all alone! If there are tasks you can automate, or delegate, do so! Your time is valuable.

  4. Invest In A Task Management System: Mims recommends finding a task management system to help free up more time and mental space. Programs like Evernote and Trello, according to Mims, are great for managing your To Do list, going more paperless, storing business cards, or collaborating with others. If these tools don't work for you, find a system that does, whether it be a notebook, bullet journal, etc.

  5. Do Small Things Every Day: Spending just a few minutes a day to tidy up your inbox, your office, and your home, can go a long way. Try to tidy up your office at the end of the day before you leave. When you get in the next morning to a clean office space, it will help you get right to work!


Wishing everyone a safe and restful holiday this Memorial Day.