A Dry Season

Photo by  redcharlie  on  Unsplash

Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

by: Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

Have you ever had a “dry” season in life? When you felt like things just haven’t been right on the job or at home? Those moments when you do everything by the book, and yet life still seems to serve you a bowl full of uncertainty with a side of anxiety?

As women of color, we might feel this way more often that we’d like to admit. I remember I was up for what I was told was a promotion. I'd worked my tail off, but in the fourth quarter, they decided to go with someone else -- someone who had less experience in our industry and at the organization. I will never forget the devastation I felt. I thought I had sowed so many seeds of professional development- networking late nights and weekend, and this was the thanks I received after ten years? I would go on to work there another year, feeling like I was wandering around a desert. Doing just enough to meet expectations, until I remembered--those “seeds” I had sown were still there. They had not gone anywhere. They just need a little rain.

I still had my experience and expertise. I had given my former employer too much power. They might have made a decision that affected me, but they were not the architect over my career. I still had the final say on my overall outcome. During this “dry” phase I realized that I needed some rain. I needed to shake some stuff up and look at alternatives to my career. Just because the “nice guy with a good wife” (their words) got the job that I thought was mine, didn't mean that my dreams and my goals were null and void. It just meant that my dreams, desired title change, and mo’ money might be at another table. So I went to seek out that new table.

As we walk with our heads up high into this new month, don’t forget all the seeds that you have sown to reap your harvest this June. Don’t let a dry season dictate the rest of your year. Look up -- rain is on the way.