Trust and Believe

“Believe In Yourself.” Photo by  Katrina  on  Unsplash

“Believe In Yourself.” Photo by Katrina on Unsplash

by: The Memo Staff

It's hard to believe the summer is nearly over, and that we're approaching another fall season. Many of us (or our children, nieces, nephews, friends, etc.) are starting school, and turning the page on a brand new year. As we start this new season, we want you to consider: What you are doing this season to invest in your own success? How are you turning a new page in your own life?

At The Memo, we talk a lot about investing in your career, because we want you to always be ready for whatever comes next. We offer pre-recorded boot camps, networking events, and more to help you level up in your career. We know that no matter how high up you go on the corporate ladder, or what industry you’re in, there will always be a new skill to master.

Sometimes though, we need to invest in ourselves in ways that aren't simply new classes, projects, skills, or taking on more at work. Sometimes our best investment is focusing inward.

Here are a few ways to invest in *you* this season:

Take Care To Be A Healthy Professional: In the words of mentor in our head, Sarah Jakes Roberts, "Are you drinking your water?" Are you taking care of your physical and emotional health? One quick way to clear your mind at work is to go on a short walk if you're able. Set an alarm for certain times of your workday to remind yourself to get up and move around, or at least take short, meaningful breaks away from your screen or other stressors. Your brain and your eyes will thank you!

Invest Time In Your Interests: What do you love to do outside of work? Find ways to engage in things that interest you, especially if your current job isn't completely aligned with your strengths and interests. You never know — you may meet and network with people that share your interests, and it may turn into a career opportunity in the future!

Believe In Yourself: The world will tell you that you aren't enough. Know that isn't true. Continue to believe in yourself -- in your value and in your abilities. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best girlfriends -- you'd root for their success, and you'd encourage them to apply for that new job or ask for that raise. Never sell yourself short!

The more we invest in ourselves in meaningful ways, the more we are able to give to our careers and to others. As they say during the safety demo on a flight, you have to put on your own mask before assisting others with theirs!

Here's to making good investments this season.