Preparing For Your Next


by:  Minda Harts, Founder, The Memo

So I have a few questions to ask you. They will require you to be honest with yourself. 

Are you happy with your current role? Does your manager seem to be invested in your success? Are you living your best life? If your answer is yes, then go girl go---we are living vicariously through you. But, if there are some areas for improvement, then the last question I want to ask is, are you preparing for your next?

For example -- if your lease is up on your apartment in three to six months and you know you want to move out, you might start looking for a new place and perhaps saving extra money to put a security deposit down. You start preparing for your next. In the same way, if you know that your career is not where you want it to be, today is a good time to start preparing for your next. 

We have some amazing pre-recorded Career Boot Camps to help you end your hot girl summer with the resources you need for your next big thing this fall or winter. It might not even be leaving your company, but instead preparing for your next promotion. Whatever our “next” is, be ready for it when it comes.  

Here are 5 of our pre-recorded Career Boot Camps that we encourage you to add to your career tool kit for any occasion:

We can’t go back in time, but we can prepare for the future we want when we prepare for our next. Go forth and slay!