Polly Payne, Founder, Horacio Printing


Do you remember the moment where you said, I have to pursue this dream and start my own business?

It was August of last year. I was at home reading the Artisan Soul, by Erwin McManus around 1 am. At this time in my life I wasn’t pleased with certain aspects of my life. I felt compelled to refocus mentally, spiritually, and physically. This book inspired me to craft my life into a work of art that I could be proud of. I immediately started not only redefining areas of my life, but think about tools that might help others do the same. I decided to create a 2015 daily planner that includes dream planning and a refocus cloud to help one track their journey.

What is next for you and your business in 2016?

We are working on the 2016 Horacio Printing Planner right now! We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign next week. We are excited to introduce other products into the market like prayer journals, cards, and prints. We want people to stay inspired! As a company, we are getting more involved with the A21 Campaign, a non- profit that helps abolish injustice in the 21st century. We will be sending 10% of all our funds towards this organization.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am so inspired by bible reading, listening to Christine Cain’s podcasts, Erwin McManus’s The Artisan Soul, and traveling to new places. After building the planner and hearing how people's lives have been affected around the world, I have been so inspired to watch people realize their full potential. That has been the greatest reward.

How important is a good support system?

Extremely important! My faith in God, my parents, and the support of my team at Horacio Printing keep me pressing toward my goals. I have been blessed with people who believe in my dream.

What advice would you give women who want to start a business and/or pursue their dream?

It's important to have people you trust that you can bounce good ideas off of, but trust your gut. Write a lot! Get it all out on paper; find a friend who is good at financial organization as well. There are so many tools out there to use for startups (QuickBooks and Squarespace). It's important to find a passion and dream that can enrich someone else's life. It makes the whole journey so much more rewarding.

After starting your business, what are some lessons learned?

Stay organized! Always carry a notebook with your to do list (I'm an analogue gal). In terms of branding, you must invest in your imaginary. I found two amazing designers in New York www.nkabesamis.com. Constantly define and innovate your business model. In terms of promotion, a mix of influencers and targeted Facebook ads really work! Create a good support system and stay away from toxic personalities.

What are a few of your favorite must-haves?

I love Staedtler pens; I have them in every color. iPhone 6, I love my unlimited Rent the Runway subscription, my 2015 Horacio Planner, the Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus, and ClassPass.

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