#MemoMonday: Best of 2016

With the end of another year, it's natural to reflect on all that the past year has had to offer.

We've had an exciting year at The Memo, and are looking forward to 2017. We hope that 2016 has been great in reaching your career goals.

In case you missed a #memomonday, we're recapping some of our favorite blog posts here.

Let's get ready to keep crushing those glass ceilings together in 2017.

The (S)Heroes

The (S)Heroes

In business, entertainment, politics, and virtually everywhere: 2016 made women of color everywhere proud.

So many ladies shone brighter than Rihanna could have ever predicted.

Those women that came before us are smiling down in delight knowing that we have not put their efforts to waste; so many women this year have proudly and humbly take the baton, continuing to crush glass ceilings and sprinkle their magic all over the globe.

This week, we salute five “sheroes” who inspired us in 2016. We’re sharing a few short facts on each here, and we’ll be honoring a different woman on this list every day on social media.