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ICYMI: After 6 with Amanda Seales of HBO's Insecure

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If you missed last week's After 6, the FOMO was real.

We had the pleasure of talking with actress, comedian, and producer, Amanda Seales. Miss Seales dropped some serious gems on us, and answered all of your questions.

In case you missed it, we've got you covered. Watch below as Seales discusses: career longevity, self-worth ("If you can't get the yes from other people, get the yes from within"), the recent events in Charlottesville ("Silence is not an option"), being a better ally by doing your homework (“Don’t come to the barbeque without a dish”), negotiation, her #Sealhive, and people that inspire her. And you definitely do not want to miss her Tiffany Haddish pep talk!

Watch the entire thing below:

You can catch Amanda Seales on Sunday nights on HBO's Insecure, at her live comedy show, Smart, Funny, & Black in Los Angeles, and on her upcoming college stand-up tour.

The New Role Model

The New Role Model

 Let me tell you about some awesome women that are total bosses.  If you’re looking for a few good role models, start with Dina Habib Powell, Lydia Fenet, and Beverly Bond.  I am inspired by how they inspire women across the world.  They don’t tweet all day about being a boss.  Their values and the work they do for other women is the legacy I hope I can leave.  Dina Habib Powell serves as President of The Goldman Sachs Foundation, she also runs the 10,000 Women Initiative, which helps women entrepreneurs across the globe, and she is helping women chip away at the glass ceiling.  Lydia Fenet is the International Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s Auction House and not only is she a boss; she started as an intern in the Events department and never looked back.  And Beverly Bond, the founder of Black Girls Rock, is a well-respected DJ for A-list celebrities who decided to create a youth empowerment mentoring organization.  I hope we get back to the days where we celebrate outstanding women who are making a difference in the lives of other women.  I salute these women and others that hold the mantel of being a boss and a role model we can all be proud of.  I respect these women too much to boil them down to a “boss b*tch,” “boss chick,” or a “boss babe.” They are phenomenal women--that’s it!