Career development

Improving Your Professional Online Presence

If you had to guess how much time you spend online, what would you guess? A 2015 study suggests that we each spend an average of two hours a day on the web. Between sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat, our personal profiles and information are visible and can be viewed by others all over the internet. Sometimes, we may discover information about ourselves that we wouldn’t want potential employers and co-workers to have access to (like that old blog you created 15 years ago, or your outdated, original Myspace page). In our digitally-centered lives, we should ensure that our online presence is curated and professional. Your social media profiles are part of your personal “brand” where you advertise and highlight your defining characteristics.

Don’t Self Sabotage Your Success

If you’ve set career goals for 2016, there are at least three ways you might be sabotaging your own success.

1. Did you learn from your past?

Often times the reason we’re trapped in our doubts about what’s possible is that we haven’t dealt with our past. How do you feel about the last year? We have to learn the lessons from 2015 so we can begin to plan something better for 2016.

2. Are you boxing yourself in?

Most people like to play it safe. But when we set unrealistic goals, we’re almost sure to fail. Unrealistic goals don’t energize or inspire us. If your goals don’t require anything from you, it can’t drive anything inside of you. Unrealistic goals don’t challenge your creativity or persistence. And that means you won’t get far, no matter what your goals are. Setting goals that take you outside of your comfort zone will allow you to rise to the occasion.

3. Doubting your success?

You have to believe your success is possible! We all know what it’s like to fail at something. How many times have we failed at past resolutions, saving for that vacation, or losing weight? Every time we fail, it makes success seem further away. Success is possible and necessary! We have to change our mindset and believe improvement is possible. Once we start believing in ourselves, we can begin to move in the right direction.

Your success means you have to go from ambiguous aspiration to calculated action.