ICYMI: After 6, Body Image In The Workplace

Last week, we hosted our monthly After 6: Career Conversations event online. 

This month, we partnered with Dressing Room 8 -- an organization that empowers women through fashion and coaching -- to talk about Body Image in the Workplace. It was a dynamic panel conversation, with professional women from a variety of industries -- Education, the Arts, Development, Law, Entrepreneurship, and Fashion -- and the conversation got really real.

How To Be Your Boss' Wing Woman

How To Be Your Boss' Wing Woman

I was having dinner with some friends at Katana in West Hollywood, California, and we were discussing career development for women (big surprise, right?). One of my girlfriends mentioned being her boss’ “wing woman.” It immediately made me think about the importance of being an awesome wing woman, and how mastering this role could lead to future promotions.

Does your boss look to you as his/her go-to? Does your boss bounce new ideas off you before she/he announces it to the team? Does your boss have an active role in your professional development? All of these questions boil down to one main idea: Does your boss keep you top of mind? It might sound harsh when you put it in these terms, but your boss should view you as his/her biggest ASSET.