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Just Add Courage

Just Add Courage

A few weeks before my book, The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table, was slated to launch, I got a call to be part of TEDxHarlem.

The rational part of me said to myself, ”Oh no, you don’t have enough time to write and prepare a talk like that in the midst of your book launch.”

The Thief of Joy

The Thief of Joy

She got a new promotion. She just got engaged. She bought a new car. All the while you are hanging on by a thread to your job. Or maybe you have thought---“Hey, I have just as much talent as so-and-so. Why not me?”. Has comparison ever tried to steal your joy?

ICYMI: Women of Resilience Awards 2019

Women of Resilience Awards, 2019; from left, Minda Harts (CEO, The Memo), Yari Blanco (honoree), Eboni K. Williams (honoree), Rachana Bhide (honoree)

Women of Resilience Awards, 2019; from left, Minda Harts (CEO, The Memo), Yari Blanco (honoree), Eboni K. Williams (honoree), Rachana Bhide (honoree)

On Thursday, we hosted our 3rd Annual Women of Resilience Awards event. Every year, we honor women who are doing amazing things in business and in their communities, and we are awed by the amazing stories of the women in the room. This year was no different. In case you weren’t able to make it, we’ve got you covered!

We were inspired by our honorees and by all of the women (and a few men) who shared their Thursday evening with us at SeatGeek in New York City.

This year we honored: Yari Blanco, Founder of The Girl Mob, and Senior Manager of Culture & Diversity at The Wing; Rachana Bhide, Broadcaster, and Founder of The Corner of the Court, a program that highlights the importance of gender partnerships and male allies in women’s careers; and Eboni K. Williams, TV host, attorney, and author of the best selling book, Pretty Powerful.

Dropping Gems:

Yari Blanco -- Founder, The Girl Mob:

  • Make sure mentorship is mutually beneficial.
  • Show up, be brave, and use your voice.
  • “I’m doing this not [only] for myself...I’m doing this for so many other people.”

Rachana Bhide -- Founder, Corner of the Court + Broadcaster:

  • Family, community and support systems are crucial -- that includes male allies.
  • Being a woman of color is about rewriting the script.
  • "My most resilient moment was a physical manifestation of literally being uncomfortable in my own skin, and finding resilience through that.”

Eboni K. Williams -- TV Host, Author, & Attorney

  • “I’m still betting on myself.”
  • The interview starts before you open your mouth.
  • Don’t let the glitz and glamour cause you to forget…“it is the blood of survivors that allows me the resilience to do what I do.”

Social Media:

For a full recap of the night, check out our WOR2019 Instagram story, curated by the amazing @_inspiredbykrys

Thank You:

Thanks to our speakers: Master of Ceremonies, Brittney Oliver, Founder of Lemons 2 Lemonade, and our Fireside Chat Speakers, Krystal Scott, CEO, The Well, and Dorianne St. Fleur, Founder, Your Career Girl

Thank you to all of our event sponsors, gift bag sponsors, and vendors: SeatGeek, Sweetgreen, Grammarly,, Vivid Lash Bar, and Gourmet Garage.

Thanks to our amazing DJ for the night, DjQLynn

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended!

If you know a woman who should be honored in 2020, let us know!

Vulnerability Matters

Vulnerability Matters

I am trying to do a better job of having more of a balance in the media and messages I consume (I mean, one must learn to find balance outside of catching up on Game of Thrones). I found this new five-day devotional by Tauren Wells, called “Known”.

He said two things that resonated with me:

  • We often create superficial selves and relegate every relationship to the shallow end of the relational experience. 

  • The foundation of intimacy is vulnerability.

These two statements might not mean too much to you, but vulnerability has been something I have been struggling with over the last year. 

ICYMI: Let Go And Look Forward

ICYMI: Let Go And Look Forward

This weekend, I was thinking a lot about how far I've come along my career path. The person I was at the start of my career almost wouldn't recognize the stronger, more resilient professional that I am becoming. I thought about those situations in my life (personal and professional alike) that, while in them, felt impossible to get through or to let go of. But each of those situations helped to clear a path forward to where I am today.

Stop the Stigma

Stop the Stigma

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, specifically in light of the recent sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Many men and women have been coming forward to tell their stories via the viral hashtag #WHYIDIDNTREPORT. Unfortunately, I know many women and men have dealt with unwanted advances at some point in their lives. Regardless of *when* someone chooses to report abuse that has happened to them (that moment, or 35 years later), every person should be respected and given the liberty to speak their truth in a time frame that is suitable to their needs. Their decision is not up for public consumption. The stigma around “coming forward” is not as easy as some might think. It’s not so simple, to call 911 on someone that you know and love, or to speak up and have no one believe you.