Update Your Resume and HASO

Update Your Resume and HASO

This Friday at 1pm EST, we'll be on [Slack][1] hosting a resume peer review.

If you've worked at the same place for a while, it's easy to get caught up in the day to day of things. Before you know it, years pass and you're mentally ready to leave your company, until you remember that you have to wipe the cobwebs off your dusty old resume.

Many years ago, I found myself here.

Five Career Sites You Should Know About

1) The Ladders: Created to assist the higher end professional ($100K +). The Ladders has since evolved into a comprehensive source of information, tools and resources useful to professionals at all stages of their careers. website

2) Glassdoor: A popular source for company reviews, interview tips, and compensation information. website

3) CareerBliss: An online employment search-related information hub. website

4) JobHero: A comprehensive resource to help you find outstanding resume samples for your job title. website

5) Vault: Company and Industry rankings, reviews; career management advice and resources. website