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From The Archives: Job Searching For The Gainfully Employed

From The Archives: Job Searching For The Gainfully Employed

Let’s face it, no one likes applying for jobs; it’s intimidating, labor-intensive, and tends to draw on our deepest insecurities-so obviously we only throw ourselves into the competitive fighting pits when we have to. But that’s also why the best time to look for jobs is when you don’t have to, while you're gainfully employed.

Tips for Overcoming Interview Anxiety

Whether you’re applying for your first job, your tenth job, or you’re making a huge career shift, interviews can be nerve wracking. You want to make a great first impression, but often pre-interview anxiety can get in the way of letting your true colors shine through.

Make a plan ahead of time.

Is the interview in a brand-new location? Use Google Maps a few days before the interview to plan your route, figure out the directions beforehand, and determine how much time to allot to travel. Also consider going to the location a few days in advance to ensure that you won’t get lost on the day of the interview.