Working women

Working Moms

Working Moms

Last week, we hosted our monthly After 6: Career Conversations event online. We were joined by three amazing women and mothers - Thaisa Jones, Digital Director at Pennsylvania Insurance, Delores Brown, Cofounder, Agbara Life, Inc, and Nicole Tirado, CEO of Tearado Tech.

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Back To Work

Back To Work

“Are you ready to get your life back and head to work?”  
“Aren’t you excited to get back to your routine?”  
“Won’t it be a relief to not worry about the baby all day?”

Life. Routine. Worry.

 As I stood there crying tears of joy holding the positive pregnancy test, everything changed. There was a shift in my universe. The GPS had to recalculate. The destination didn’t change, but we had to implement a detour. My life would never go back to what it once was, I wouldn’t want it to. The routine I had fallen into would change, it had to. And worry, well that is an innocent side effect of motherhood.

Tips for Overcoming Interview Anxiety

Whether you’re applying for your first job, your tenth job, or you’re making a huge career shift, interviews can be nerve wracking. You want to make a great first impression, but often pre-interview anxiety can get in the way of letting your true colors shine through.

Make a plan ahead of time.

Is the interview in a brand-new location? Use Google Maps a few days before the interview to plan your route, figure out the directions beforehand, and determine how much time to allot to travel. Also consider going to the location a few days in advance to ensure that you won’t get lost on the day of the interview.