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Dealing with Office Mean Girls

Dealing with Office Mean Girls

Most women have dealt with a “mean girl” or two starting from their first day of school. Unfortunately, some of those mean girls grow up to become mean women – and some of those mean women become mean co-workers. In my career thus far, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing women, some of the most caring and intelligent women on the planet. Up until a few years ago, I couldn’t relate to the “mean girl” stories I heard about happening in the workplace… but then it happened to me.

Refresh Your Career Toolkit

Refresh Your Career Toolkit

We're more than halfway through the year, and it's the perfect time to start thinking about ways to level up in the second half of the year. Below we've included five new tools to add to your career toolkit.

1) For The Aspiring Entrepreneur: As some of us are preparing for our seat at the table or securing our seat, many might be thinking how to create their own empire…

Your Next Opportunity

Your Next Opportunity

Let’s keep it real, 2018 came quick!

It’s almost like we were in an episode of Black Mirror and time traveled faster than anticipated. The good news is, we get to create new and exciting opportunities for ourselves. Were there things you should have started last year? Are there projects you didn’t complete? Are there relationships you need to mend? Whatever you didn’t get a chance to do last year--the time is now!

From The Archives: How To Be Your Boss's Wingwoman

From The Archives: How To Be Your Boss's Wingwoman

Last week, we hosted a career bootcamp on Creating Strategic Alliances at work. Alliances are important because, when done well, they can lead to increased visibility, promotions, mentoring, and simply having someone in your corner advocating for you when the going gets tough.* 

*One of the most key people to have in your corner is your boss.

Can I Live?

Can I Live?

The word authentic is defined as “of undisputed origin.” How amazing is this definition? 

Many of us have been deemed as underserved because of the color of our skin or our socioeconomic background, yet, in the same breath we're asked to bring our authentic selves to work. In other words, we are asked for authenticity, but just as long as it fits neatly in the box the company has provided.

Making the Ask: Woman UP!

Making the Ask:  Woman UP!

Have you ever been afraid to ask for something? Maybe it was a small thing: like borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor, or asking a friend to take you to the airport. I hate asking other people for things. Unless I absolutely need something, I won’t ask (and even then, I’d still lean towards not asking).

Then one day, I found out you could (and should) ask for more at work. This, of course, can go two ways: 1) Ask for more work and responsibility, or 2) Ask for more money. Have you tried either one?

Negotiation Tips from Angelina Darrisaw of C-Suite Coach

Negotiation Tips from Angelina Darrisaw of C-Suite Coach

“Salary negotiation should be win-win. Your boss wants to motivate you to continue to do well if you’re a strong performer.”

Angelina Darrisaw, Founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, understands the value of negotiation from both an employer and an employee perspective. A New York native, she began her career in digital media for ESPN, and has worked at other companies like Viacom and HBO. Through C-Suite Coach, Angelina now works with employers to create and facilitate training seminars that engage millennial employees both personally and professionally.

Angelina, who is a powerhouse speaker and fan favorite at our Career Boot Camps, sat down with us to offer some tips on more effective negotiation:

A New 24 on the Shot Clock

Photos/Images by   #WOCinTech Chat

Photos/Images by #WOCinTech Chat

If you are reading today’s Memo, we made it to see another Monday! I challenge you to look at today differently--today is not just another Monday! Let’s try and see this week as another opportunity to go after our career goals. Set an intention right after reading this--to do one thing this week that puts you one step closer to your goals. It might be asking for that long awaited raise, ironing your clothes tonight, in order to give you a little extra time tomorrow to savor the moments, or setting time aside this afternoon to research your new job. Whatever it is, I encourage you not to put it off another day. In 2013, my little brother wrote a song called Go On, one verse goes: “Every day that I wake, every day that I get is a new, fresh, 24 on the shot clock..I’mma go on.” This week you get another shot towards the life and career you desire.

Below are five tips to help you look at this week differently:

Have faith; even if Tuesday starts to look rocky---set your intention!

Surround yourself with people that want to see you win. Don’t listen to the haters!

Never be afraid to fail. A winner never quits on themselves!

Be you! You were never created to be like everyone else. We love you just the way you are.

Patience is real. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but there was a process. Respect your process, which leads to PROGRESS!

Cheers to an awesome week! Tell us what you intend to do this week, so we can root you on!