Top 5 Life Lessons from Taylor Swift's 1989 Album

You might think it strange to take life lessons from a country-turned pop star, but just think about it: Taylor Swift has won several Grammy Awards, sold millions of albums, made most women jealous of her powerful girl posse, and even seems to have finally found lasting love with DJ Calvin Harris. Who wouldn’t want to be a little more like Taylor Swift?

Luckily, since Taylor is a singer-songwriter who isn’t afraid to put her personal life into her lyrics, it’s not hard to mine Taylor’s songs for gems of wisdom you can use to get through life. Here are five songs from Taylor’s hit album ‘1989’ with a message for all of us:

Shake it Off

The ultimate in “Go your own way” girl power, ‘Shake it Off’ tells you that no matter how other people treat you, you can still choose to live your life the way you want and not let their words or criticism bring you down. Sure, the haters are gonna hate, but the next time you hear the office gossip circle back to you, just make like Taylor and shake it off!


Swift has undergone an amazing style metamorphosis from prairie-chic to bona fide fashion trendsetter in the last couple of years, and here you can listen to a few of her secrets. Don’t have that perfect vampy shade of red lipstick in your bag for whenever you need a power kick? Head to the cosmetics department and buy it!


Taylor’s had a wild ride with some of her previous relationships, and ‘Clean’ is about learning to put the past in the past and let things that aren’t healthy for you go. Still in the dumps about a failed relationship? Still find your thoughts wandering to what ‘might have been’? Turn this song up on the stereo and remind yourself that your best days are yet to come, and the past should stay in the past where it belongs.

Welcome to New York

For a girl from tiny Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, moving to a luxury apartment in New York must have been quite a change. But Taylor quickly took NYC by storm with her fabulous outfits and lust for city life. This song is all about not being afraid to take risks and explore, and it’s a good message for any girl, wherever she lives.

Blank Space

This playful track reminds us that Swift doesn’t just work hard, she plays hard, too. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you forget to stop in the moment and just have fun – whether you’re young or old, there’s always room for adventure and lust for life!