Photos/Images by   #WOCinTech Chat

Photos/Images by #WOCinTech Chat

A few years ago, one of my mentors told me to stop apologizing so much in the workplace. At first, I was offended, because I thought I was being polite; but looking back--that was one of the best pieces of career advice I’ve ever received! For a week, I counted how many times I said, “I’m sorry,” and I said it so much, I wanted to put a muzzle over my mouth. I noticed the men in my office were rarely apologetic for voicing their point of view. As women--why do we feel the need to explain ourselves or apologize for voicing our opinions? Part of being confident is owning your actions and being authentic!

Here are three videos that do a great job of reminding us to stay strong, confident, and not to participate in a culture that encourages women to feel ashamed of speaking up and owning it!

Not Sorry Shine Strong Pantene

The View: Whether Women Should Stop Saying Sorry

Inside Amy Schumer

[3]: http://videos.nymag.com/video/Inside-Amy-Schumer-I-m-Sorry#c=8680372DVZQXJ0MY&t='Inside Amy Schumer': I'm Sorry

A New 24 on the Shot Clock

Photos/Images by   #WOCinTech Chat

Photos/Images by #WOCinTech Chat

If you are reading today’s Memo, we made it to see another Monday! I challenge you to look at today differently--today is not just another Monday! Let’s try and see this week as another opportunity to go after our career goals. Set an intention right after reading this--to do one thing this week that puts you one step closer to your goals. It might be asking for that long awaited raise, ironing your clothes tonight, in order to give you a little extra time tomorrow to savor the moments, or setting time aside this afternoon to research your new job. Whatever it is, I encourage you not to put it off another day. In 2013, my little brother wrote a song called Go On, one verse goes: “Every day that I wake, every day that I get is a new, fresh, 24 on the shot clock..I’mma go on.” This week you get another shot towards the life and career you desire.

Below are five tips to help you look at this week differently:

Have faith; even if Tuesday starts to look rocky---set your intention!

Surround yourself with people that want to see you win. Don’t listen to the haters!

Never be afraid to fail. A winner never quits on themselves!

Be you! You were never created to be like everyone else. We love you just the way you are.

Patience is real. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but there was a process. Respect your process, which leads to PROGRESS!

Cheers to an awesome week! Tell us what you intend to do this week, so we can root you on!

The Leadership Manifesto

Photos/Images by   #WOCinTech Chat

Photos/Images by #WOCinTech Chat

Several months ago, my co-founder, Lauren sent me a Ted Talk by Dr. Brené Brown and The Power of Vulnerability. Two weeks ago, I was at Harvard University participating in a Global Leadership Program and once again I had the pleasure of learning more about Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown came up with The Daring Greatly Leadership Manifesto. At some point in our lives we’ll lead and be lead; so it’s best to equip ourselves with tools to become effective leaders. I found this manifesto useful as I think about the way I lead. Do you have a manifesto you live by? If not, hopefully you can find some synergies from Dr. Brown.