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ICYMI: After 6, Body Image In The Workplace

Last week, we hosted our monthly After 6: Career Conversations event online. 

This month, we partnered with Dressing Room 8 -- an organization that empowers women through fashion and coaching -- to talk about Body Image in the Workplace. It was a dynamic panel conversation, with professional women from a variety of industries -- Education, the Arts, Development, Law, Entrepreneurship, and Fashion -- and the conversation got really real.

"They Don't Mean Any Harm"

"They Don't Mean Any Harm"

There has been a lot of discussion around sexual harassment in the workplace. Many women in the tech industry have come forward to share their stories of investors crossing the line. Unfortunately, I know that so many women have dealt with unwanted advances at some point in their lives. I happened to know one of the women who recently told her story in the New York Times. I remember looking on Twitter - there were women applauding her, women criticizing her, and women who stayed out of the conversation entirely. There is a lot of stigma around “telling your truth. 

Like many of us, I have encountered unwanted advances in the workplace, and there were so many times I tried to sweep those advances under the rug or convinced myself they "didn’t mean any harm!" 

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