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Career Master Class: Overcoming Your Career Slump (with Gaurav Valani)

Join us for an online Career Master Class with Gaurav Valani, President of Career Sprout.

"How to Break Out of Your Career Slump and Find Meaning in Your 9 to 5"

Session Outline:

Everyone goes through a bit of a rut at some point in their career. It's important to remember that this is completely OK, and in some cases going through a career slump is very much needed. In this session we will cover what you can do immediately, to not only break your negative (and many a times subconscious) mental patterns, but what actions you can implement to improve your personal and professional life.

Session Objectives:

  • Identify your active and dormant disruptive patterns that have you under performing.
  • Reduce the frequency of future career slumps
  • Cover daily habits that will help you to stay motivated and fining meaning in your profession
  • Discuss strategies you can take to build a more meaningful career

Gaurav Valani is a Career Coaching, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He's helped over 3,500 people build purpose-driven careers through implementing proven strategies backed by psychology to help them find more meaningful work. Helping others build their career is one of Gaurav's biggest passions as he's a firm believer of the idea that, the quality of your life and the lives of those that matter to you is directly related to the quality of your career. You can learn more about Gaurav and his work at,