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Virtual Career Boot Camp: Salary Negotiation

Salary Negotiation: 4 jiujitsu moves to prevent gender blowback and get the money you deserve REGISTER

Join this webinar to learn negotiation jiujitsu, so you can close your wage gap and up level your career while enhancing your reputation and relationships.

In this exclusive webinar for The Memo members, negotiation expert and She Negotiates consultant Jamie Lee will explore four negotiation moves ambitious women can learn and master to succeed in work and life.

Here are things you’ll learn from this webinar:
-How to retain and strengthen key relationships while making a compelling case for what you want
-How to tell compelling stories that demonstrate your unique value to employers, clients and colleagues
-How to set specific and ambitious goals and sequence your ask for the best outcomes
-How to respond to pushback, rejection and "no" so you never leave money on the table

The Memo virtual boot camps are professional, educational, and interactive courses hosted online. We provide women with the tools to navigate their entire career cycle—wherever they are.


About Jamie Lee:

Jamie Lee is a She Negotiates consultant dedicated to helping women become bolder, braver and better paid. She Negotiates is a negotiation consulting, training and executive coaching company that helps women design and negotiate powerful careers and businesses.

Earlier in her career, Jamie negotiated on behalf of multi-million dollar enterprises and secured cost savings that directly impacted the bottom line. As a negotiation consultant, Jamie has helped working women secure $20,000 in raises and more. As a workshop leader, she facilitates hands-on learning experiences that help women of all backgrounds become confident negotiators who can advocate for the value they bring to the table.