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Virtual Career Boot Camp: Unapologetic Leadership for Women


Join this webinar to enhance your leadership skills as a woman, so you can be ready to lead at the head of the table. In this exclusive webinar, Leadership: The 4 C's To Unapologetic Leadership Skills for Women, certified Master Coach and consultant Arquella Hargrove will teach you leadership principles to help you lead confidently.

Here are things you’ll learn from this webinar:

-Learn the art of partnerships through Collaborating to propel your career and/or business to the next level;

-Strategize on ways to build Connections to keep business coming your way without effort;

-Identify powerful Communication skills taking your personal and professional relationships up a notch to get results speaking their language;

-Negotiate through Compromising with others without losing what’s important to you;

Plan action steps to apply principles from the webinar over the next 30 days.


The Memo's virtual boot camps are professional, educational, and interactive courses hosted online. We provide women with the tools to navigate their entire career cycle—wherever they are.

The Instructor:

Arquella Hargrove is an author, certified master coach, consultant, facilitator with an extensive background in Human Resources Management. Arquella is passionate about helping organization leaders find the missing link in their communication, leadership skills, and productivity, to impact business objectives. She works with for-profit, non-profit, government agencies, and school systems where she has implemented communication, human resources and leadership development initiatives aligning with strategic goals. Arquella regularly develops and facilitates workshops at all levels, including behavioral/personality assessment tools, generational diversity, keys to communication success, team building, visionary leadership, to name a few.

Arquella serves on many non-profit boards of directors and committees. Also, Arquella holds an MBA and numerous certifications (Professional in HR(PHR/SHRM-CP), DDI Certified Facilitator, Franklin Covey Facilitator, Master Coach, Mediator, Birkman/DISC/MBTI/Personalysis Assessment tools). *Career Boot Camp is non-refundable. If you purchase Part One and Two, you will receive 20% off your next Online Career Boot Camp.