Virtual Career Boot Camp: Plot Your Way to the C-Suite

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Virtual Career Boot Camp: Plot Your Way to the C-Suite


Do you have ambitions to get to the C-Suite, but not quite sure how to get there? It’s a series of strategic choices to move up the ladder.

Join us for our next Career Boot Camp, Plot Your Way to The C-Suite. You’ll hear from leaders in their industries as they share insights and expertise on what’s needed on your climb to the top.

8pm - 9pm EST | Via GoToWebinar

*If you miss the live event, we will send a copy of the recording.

With Speakers:

M. Michelle Derosier: M. Michelle Derosier is a nonprofit professional and a freelance writer driven to use her voice to snatch back the Haitian narrative from the mainstream and to ensure that youth of color with limited resources have access to opportunities for success and the support system to leverage them.

Michelle has 13-years demonstrated experience shaping, leading, and implementing the strategic vision and direction for innovative nonprofit programs. As well as the development, management and growth of partnerships, technology, and staff.

As the Chief Program Officer at iCouldBe, Michelle uses data-science learnings to design back-end systems and tools that allow the organization and partners to scale, to be more efficient, and ultimately serve more mentees.

Lauren Stephenson: Lauren Stephenson is the Associate Director, HRBP at GroundTruth, and contributes her knowledge and expertise around Strategic Performance Management and Organizational Development. She also runs a blog, “H is For Human,” that offers leadership advice and other tips for cultivating wellness within the workplace.

Lauren is a self described “Professional Rebel,” on a mission to bring forth innovated and created approaches to organizations that seek to put the focus back on its most important assets — its people.

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